Digital Marketing In-depth

Kick-start your career in digital marketing!

  • Hands on training experience.
  • Live projects.
  • Interactive and practical approach.
  • Meticulously designed syllabus.
  • Complete digital marketing theory and practical.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Industry experts as trainers.
  • Google Adwords& Analytics Certification.

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  • The duration of In-depth training program in Digital marketing is 100 hours.

  • In-depth training program in Digital marketing is scheduled in Group and One to One batches. Based on the requirement of the student, one can opt for either One to one or group batch.

    The course fee for Group batch is INR 20,000 + GST


Digital marketing is the marketing technique that makes use of various online channels to sell or promote a product or service. The online channels comprise of email, social media, blogs, online videos, etc that serve the purpose of promotion or sales.

Digital marketing In-depth is the complete training program to evolve or mould a student in to a capable digital marketing professional. The course syllabus for this extensive program is prepared and designed after years of experience in the field of both digital marketing training and practical consultancy.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy is one of the most vital challenges or responsibilities of a digital marketing professional. To come up with the most feasible plan requires in-depth knowledge and experience in digital marketing. Practical experience in implementing a campaign is the greatest strength of a successful digital marketing professional.

And ILT’s digital marketing In-depth training program focuses on this practical work experience devoting 80% of the course content on practical learning.


    Digital Marketing Introduction & Blogging.

      • Introduction to blogging & its benefits.
      • Creation of blog either with WordPress or Blogger .
      • Deciding on blog layout design with ready templates.
      • Creating & posting of blog articles. Basic on-page optimized page.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      • Intro of Search Engine, Functions & Features
      • Types of Search Engine
      • Website & Competitor Analysis
      • Black Hat/White Hat/Grey Hat SEO
      • Keyword Research & Implementation
      • SEO Website Design & Architecture
      • SEO On-Page Optimization
    1. Meta Tags
    2. Content Optimization
    3. Site Map HTML & XML
    4. Webmaster tool integration & monitoring
    5. Uses of Robots.txt file
      • SEO Off-Page Optimization
    1. Link Building
    2. Difference Follow & No-follow
    3. Back Link Analysis
    4. RSS Syndication
    5. Link Building Tools
      • SEO Google Webmaster Learning & Practicing
      • Google Local Listing Optimization
      • Mobile SEO
      • Social Media for SEO


    Google Adwords (PPC)

      • Defining the Client’s budget, Goals & Targets
      • Campaign Structuring
      • Keyword Research
      • Keyword Match Type
      • AdCopy Creation
      • AdWords Editor
      • AdWords Account Set-up
      • Campaign Settings for Search & Display Network
      • Display Network Campaign Set-up
      • Ad Extensions
      • PPC remarketing
      • PPC optimization Techniques
      • My Client Center (MCC) set-up
      • Video Ads
      • Dynamic Search Ads
      • Google AdWords Certification Exam


    Web Analytics

      • Introduction to Google Analytics
      • Understanding Google analytics account structure
      • Understanding Google analytics insights
      • How Google analytics works
      • How to set up analytics account
      • Understanding goals and conversions
      • How to integrate adwords and analytics account
      • Monitoring traffic sources
      • Monitoring traffic behavior


    Social Media Marketing

      • Social Media Branding, Engagement & Management
      • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Branding strategy
      • Facebook Advertising
      • LinkedIn Advertising
      • Twitter Advertising
      • Social Media Analytical Insights, Analysis & Reports

Suitable For


The In-depth digital marketing training is the best training program for anyone who would like to pursue career in digital marketing or manage his own marketing project. The course serves as a step by step process perfectly tailored to transform an ordinary individual to a digital marketing professional. The In-depth program is suitable for

  • Students
  • College pass-outs
  • Business owners
  • CEOs
  • Housewives
  • Work from home individuals
  • For anyone who would like to pursue career in digital marketing
  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Head
  • Ecommerce enthusiasts and professionals
  • SEO executives

Course Benifits

Digital marketing In-depth training program is very essential or a must for any individual who would like to pursue a digital marketing career. The In-depth program covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of digital marketing and it delivers live training experience in connection with campaigns, which is very beneficial as far as a digital marketing student is concerned.

Other benefits

1. The student shall be confident enough to take up a campaign and implement the same in a professional manner

2. Precise understanding of various channels and their roles.

3. Set up, manage, and come up with effective strategies for your marketing team.

4. Come out with KPIs to determine the success of a campaign

5. Ideal for TL roles, project Manager roles

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